Tangram project LLC

The company that was founded and started operating in 18. May 2011 in Novi Sad. The main motive for starting independent work was our desire to enter the market with our knowledge and quality and be a recognizable company. The main activities of Tangram Projekt doo Novi Sad are the provision of design and engineering services of all kinds in the road and traffic sector, professional and technical supervision over the execution of civil engineering facilities, provision of consulting services within the framework of technical solutions of the aforementioned facilities and administrative processes. . .

We create project and technical documentation for all levels of detail: general project, conceptual solution, preliminary project, project for building permit, project for execution, as well as the project of the finished object.


The spectrum of our clients is extremely wide, from state and municipal institutions, public companies, to private investors. We have achieved successful cooperation with many design houses and bureaus of various types of engineering activities. We provide our clients with security and reliability due to our excellent knowledge of the administrative processes that the client must go through and many years of excellent cooperation with public companies. We always try to achieve excellent cooperation with the Investor, which is the key to quality execution of the work within the stipulated period. We approach each idea with a lot of enthusiasm and energy, where we find the best solution in cooperation with our associates and expert team. Our company is interested in mutual cooperation with other organizations in the country and the region, both through the preparation of project and technical documentation, and through joint participation in tenders for the purpose of forming larger teams in dealings with third parties.

The policy of TANGRAM PROJECT is quality and client satisfaction in the first place, regardless of the scope and complexity of the design and technical documentation.