Professional development of all employees is our imperative. Our company provides every employee with education, professional training and improvement during the working period in order to contribute as much as possible to the quality and faster work process. It is in the interest of the company to create a quality and satisfied individual who will be motivated to actively advocate not only for the success of the company but also for his own advancement...


One of our main priorities and goals is to maintain a positive atmosphere at work while nurturing good interpersonal relationships. In this way, the efficiency of work is increased, employee dissatisfaction is reduced, which is reflected in their private life as well.


Also, one of our main priorities is taking care of both the physical and mental health of our employees, because only a healthy person can be a happy and satisfied person and, in the end, a good worker who can contribute to the prosperity of a company. Every year, our company provides a regular systematic examination for each employee in one of the generally recognized polyclinics in Novi Sad. Why is it important to us? With a preventive examination, health problems can be detected in time before they occur or early enough for a successful treatment outcome.


As we have already stated, we attach great importance to maintaining good interpersonal relationships that are built and deepened in moments of relaxation. We practice socializing in the form of free activities at the end of the working week, on Fridays after 12:00 during working hours. In addition, once or twice a year, in agreement with the employees, we plan joint activities and get-togethers outside Novi Sad lasting a few days each.


In our company, all employees are united by the same goals. Each of the employees gets a specific task that he performs independently and leads the entire work process to the final product. However, we are organized in such a way that each of the employees can ask for the help of other colleagues in order to get the job done more efficiently and easily.