We provide professional supervision for civil engineering facilities in the stages of preparatory work, construction and construction crafts, installation of installations and other works that are performed during the construction of facilities. Our team performs professional supervision through:

1) control whether the construction is carried out according to the construction permit or the decision on the approval for reconstruction, as well as taking measures in a timely manner in case of deviation of the execution of works from those projects;
2) control and quality control of the performance of all types of works and application of regulations, standards and technical norms and regulations;
3) control and verification of the quantity of works performed or the degree of performance of works;
4) checking whether there is documentation proving the quality of the installed materials;
5) control and verification of the quality of the performed works, which, according to the nature and dynamics of the construction of the object, cannot be checked in the later stages of the construction of the object;
6) giving the necessary instructions to the contractor;
7) regular monitoring of the construction dynamics of the facility and compliance with the agreed deadlines;
8) cooperation with the designer in order to ensure the correct realization of the design concept of the object, as well as cooperation with the contractor in the selection of details of technological and organizational solutions for the execution of works;
9) cooperation with the contractor and the designer in the preparation of the project of the completed building;
10) solving other issues that arise during construction, that is, the execution of works;