We specialize in creating project technical documentation:

  • from the field of civil engineering, including the associated infrastructure for all phases of design: general design, justification study, conceptual solution, conceptual design, design for building permit, design for execution as well as design of the constructed object;
  • from the field of design of pavement constructions for all categories of state roads as well as uncategorized roads and traffic areas;
  • from the field of traffic: projects of traffic signaling and equipment and projects of traffic signaling during the execution of works;

We create the above project and technical documentation for all traffic areas: urban and non-urban roads, all types of intersections, traffic areas inside industrial complexes, traffic areas inside fuel supply stations, pedestrian and bicycle paths, connections of buildings to all types of public roads, etc.



Our company has licenses P131G2 and P131S1 of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia. According to our Law on Planning and Construction of the Republic of Serbia, the aforementioned licenses are a prerequisite for the development of road, traffic and traffic signaling projects for state roads of the first and second order, road facilities and traffic connections to these roads and border crossings.