We carry out technical inspections of projects for building permits and conceptual projects for reconstruction for all types of traffic areas in the field of civil engineering.

Our obligation and responsibility is to absolutely respond to all the requirements of the profession, checking:

  • compliance of project technical documentation with all conditions and rules contained in location conditions;
  • compliance with the Law and other regulations, technical norms, standards and quality norms;
  • mutual compliance of all parts of technical documentation;
  • compliance of the project with the results of previous research (previous works);
  • the correctness and accuracy of the technical and technological solutions of the facility and solutions for the construction of facilities;
  • stability and load-bearing capacity of the building structure and safety of the building;
  • the rationality of designed construction objects;
  • impacts on the environment;
  • verification of the fulfillment of the basic requirements for the facility;
  • compliance with the measures contained in the report of the revision commission for the construction of facilities from Article 133. Paragraph 2 of the Law on Planning and Construction;